ELLE Review: Astalift White Perfect UV Clear Solution

This sunscreen will even tell you when UV rays are attacking your skin


THE HYPE: Talk about smart skincare, this new sunscreen from Astalift will even tell you when UV rays are present, and that you need to SPF protection. How? Well, the nifty plastic cap of this sunscreen tube is made of a UV sensitive material that changes from colourless to purple when exposed to UVA radiation, the scary skin-ageing sort of rays.

THE PROS: The sunscreen protection offered is a reassuring high SPF50+/PA++++ and yet the cream feels light and spreads like a dream. The finish is also perfect – invisible with a velvety touch, making it a great makeup base. The formula is also packed with vitamin C and other skin-brightening ingredients, plus collagen to smooth and hydrate too.

THE CONS: Perhaps the only downside is that the tube is pretty tiny for the price. But it is meant for you to tote around in your handbag so you'd know when those nasty UV rays are attacking and can apply (or reapply) your SPF whenever needed.

Astalift White Perfect UV Clear Solution, $72, available at all Astalift boutiques and counters.

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