Eat Your Way To Fab Skin

You are what you eat, so load up on these for a healthy and youthful complexion


Photo: Imaxtree

Made from soya beans, tofu is a good source of protein and helps in the regeneration of skin cells. It also contains unsaturated fats that work on pores for that silky smooth, tofu-like complexion.

Spinach is high in wrinkle-fighting antioxidants — beta-carotene and vitamins C and E, which protect your skin from the sun’s damaging UV rays. That said, you still shouldn't skip on the sunscreen. 

Rich in flavonoids that encourage heart health, almonds are also high in vitamin E that can protect skin from damaging free radicals and even oxidative stress.

Don’t just go for the egg whites. Yolks are full of skin clearing selenium, vitamins, proteins and zinc. Just remember, everything in moderation.

Known for being high in omega-3 fatty acids, these healthy fats work to “pad” skin tissue and cells for a plump and radiant complexion. Opting for other high-in-protein, cold water fish, like tuna and mackerel, can also help speed up skin’s natural healing process.

Rich in vitamins E and C, the nutrient-packed avocado boosts skin’s luminosity while reducing skin inflammation. Its oil also stimulates collagen and can improve skin’s ability to retain moisture.

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