Eat These Now For Better Skin & Hair

You really are what you ingest


There’s been an abundance of beauty supplements hitting the market in recent years. Think beauty drinks, tablets, capsules and more, all of which aim to give you better skin and hair.

And while some do sound a little suspect, many of these edible skin and hair care solutions are actually a great way to include certain nutrients that you might not be getting through your diet.

Just think - you can boost your collagen production and hydration levels and even fight free radicals simply by knocking back a pill or a supplement shot!

What you need to know, though, is that not all beauty supplements are created equal. So it’s always important to do your research before incorporating anything new into your diet.

To make things easy for you busy girls, we’ve done some of the homework. Click though the gallery above to check out some of our fave supplements you can try for your daily dose of beauty.

For more on beauty, click here. Or check out Are You Taking Your Supplements Correctly? And Can A Pill Give You Stronger Hair?

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