Should You Massage Your Skincare Products In?

Never mind the rumours you’ve heard - this is what the experts say


We ask the experts for their opinion on massaging in skincare products and more in this edition of Helpdesk.

Does massaging in skincare products actually help?

While we often hear that massaging your products into your skin can help with micro-circulation and accelerate absorption, Dr Heng Wee Soon, medical practitioner at IDS Clinic, believes otherwise. He recommends applying your products gently instead. “The absorption of products has nothing to do with how hard or how good the massage is. Rather, the formulation will determine the effectiveness of the delivery of the active ingredients.”

Do expensive products work better?

This might be true when it comes to bedsheets. But many inexpensive anti-ageing products work just as well as pricey ones. In fact, some expensive products don’t have the science to back them up. So stick to brands that you know and always do your research.

When should I start using an eye cream?

This depends on your skin’s needs, but keeping the area hydrated, no matter your age, will delay and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. If you have good skin without too many expression lines, Dr Georgia Lee, director of TLC Lifestyle Practice, recommends using a combination moisturiser that can double as a moisturiser for the eye area. “For those with prominent sweat glands over the eye area, using a light-textured product may be more advisable,” she says.

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