All The Bodycare You Need To Conquer Summer

Look good and avoid getting burnt


It’s blazing hot almost all the time here, but the mid-year summer season is when Mother Nature really pulls out all the stops. Which makes it even more necessary during this period to slap on the below essentials before you put on that swimsuit and hit the pool or beach.

Don’t leave home without these.

#1 Body SPF

You’ve got your face covered, but don’t forget to slather on SPF for your body as well - sun damage can happen to any area of skin. Pick a body lotion with a lightweight, spreadable texture so it’s no hassle to apply. Bonus: These lotions usually also pack moisturising benefits.

#2 Leg oil

When the sun comes out, so do most people’s legs (no matter how cool denim is right now, nobody wants to wear jeans in this heat!). Showcase them at their best by massaging them with leg oil before you throw on your summer shorts - not only do leg oils help keep your pins smooth and well-contoured, they leave a lovely sheen and sometimes boost circulation too.

#3 Sunburn remedies

Unfortunately, as prepared as you may be, sunburn happens. If it does, help skin to heal and bounce back fast by slathering on skin mists or lotions that have aloe or other soothing ingredients and lots of lightweight hydration.

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