A pain-free alternative to intimate IPL hair removal that's perfect for "kiasi" folks

Because let's get real: The stinging sensation of a standard depilatory procedure is a royal pain in the you-know-where.


Confession: I'm incredibly icked out by bodily bristles, at least on myself. (PC caveat: If you're proud of your pit hair, more power to you, gurl.)

But back to the prickly predicament at hand (or is that at hair). Sure, sustained sessions of IPL might stave off superfluous strands for a bit, but if you're anything like me, you'll find tiny thickets of reprehensible roots peeking through mere minutes later, it would seem. 

At this point, you might be tempted to tear your hair out (literally and metaphorically), but I think I may have "stubbled" upon a solution that's a cut above the rest, so to speak. 

Enter Supersmooth, a quietly busy sanctuary of hair-free heaven tucked away in a corner of the CBD. What makes it different: It's billed as the first spa to proffer a three-year "warranty" alongside its laser removal programme. 

Translation: Sign up for a package and stand to enjoy the "fringe" benefit of free touch-ups to stamp out any stubborn strays up to three years down the (bikini) line. (Ts and Cs applicable, of course.)

Each fast and fuss-free sesh harnesses the superpower of a specific "smart" laser that hones in on hairs without mucking up the melanin in your skin (an incredibly important distinction that makes this treatment suitable for bronzed babes with sensitive skin). 

The best bit? Rest "a-sheared" that you won't be left to curl up and "dye", because this procedure is quite literally painless. 

Now, while the "ouch!" factor of conventional IPL is often euphemistically described as being akin to having rubber bands flicked at your skin — which is all fine and dandy until it comes to well, FLICKING RUBBER BANDS AT YOUR VULVA — submitting yourself to the beams of Supersmooth's super soothing laser is actually pretty shiok, thanks to the lubricating aid of a cold gel. 

(Full disclosure: I opted to focus on the five o'clock shadow besmirching my upper lip, so I cannot attest to the comfort of zapping your intimate inner bits. Only one way to find out...)

Absence of agony aside, post-care is pretty standard stuff: No steamy saunas on that day to avoid aggravating the area; resist the urge to pluck; wait for the follicles to fall off for a fuzz-free finish that should last you a good couple of weeks. 

So don't "shave" it for later, what with both um, Netflix and chilling on the agenda during this month of cuddling and canoodling. Because unless your bae has a very specific fetish, no-one wants to end up with third-degree rug burns on a romantic night in.

Kill the kinks in the hairy situation you’re in by sussing out Supersmooth at 144 Robinson Road, Robinson Square Level 2.

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