How To Look Great Even If You’re Hungover

Because busy days happen after wild nights


Every so often, a girls’ night out can turn into one too many drinks. Just blame the ladies’ night drink promos.

But don’t let the thought of looking pale and plastered the next day get in the way of a fun night - because #YOLO, right?

Here are four skincare tips for some instant damage control. (And if you're making a habit of boozing a bit too much, trying this or this might help you too.)

#1 Clean up

Never go to bed without removing your makeup thoroughly. We know - this can be challenging when you're inebriated. That’s why you should always stash some makeup cleansing wipes for fuss-free makeup removal. We like the effectiveness and affordability of Nivea Refreshing Cleansing Wipes, $2.90 for a pack of seven.

#2 Scrub off

In the morning, use a facial scrub-wash like Garnier Pure Active 3-In-1 Wash Scrub Mask ($14.90) to thoroughly cleanse and scrub your face. This gets rid of dull dead skin and brings back some glow.

#3 Bring on the antioxidants

To revitalise skin more, drink something that’s antioxidant-rich, like coconut water or green tea. Don’t forget to slather those antioxidants liberally on your skin too. We like anything with coconut ingredients or vitamin C, like IDS Skin C-Plus ($150). 

#4 Prime for perfection

To finish, use a makeup base or primer to fake a healthy complexion. Pick one that brightens the skin tone and offers some luminosity, like Cover FX Illuminating Primer ($59). This will give your foundation, BB cream or cushion foundation an extra glowy finish.

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