A “THREE-In-One” Body Massage For Better Blood Circulation

Lose some water weight, ward off wrinkles AND get your body in tip-top condition. Yes, really.


We all know how massages go; you spend an hour getting the kinks in your body worked out and you walk out of the parlour floating on clouds. Then you repeat the entire process two weeks later because it seems to have done nothing for you in the long run.

Enter holistic beauty brand’s THREE RHYTHM SPA’s Activating Body Treatment, an anti-ageing multi-tasker that supports weight loss and helps to restore your body to its optimal balance, ensuring that it stays in peak condition for a longer period of time. If that sounds like a “win-win-win” situation, that’s because it is — and the reason why it's earned the nod of approval from our beauty editor in our ELLE Treat List 2018.


Now, under normal circumstances, your body would be able to “cleanse” itself via its lymphatic system. The fluid, or “lymph”, flows through from top to toe, picking up and disposing of toxins along the way. 

However, lymph tends to build up in certain areas, causing fluid to accumulate that may lead to discomfort and water retention. THREE RHYTHM SPA’s Activating Body Treatment is a massage specially crafted to boost blood circulation in these areas in order for your lymphatic system to work at its optimal level.


A more robust blood circulation comes with great perks as well, namely; better cell growth, improved organ function, as well as healthier skin (hurrah!). Your complexion will look a lot more vibrant and together with the carefully selected organic ingredients in the lotions and potions used in this treatment, your legs and limbs will look a lot softer and “younger”.

One more thing. Another bonus of zeroing in on your lymphatic system is that this massage will boost your digestion and metabolism. And that in turn will sustain the intricate inner workings of your body so you'll look and feel better – in a wholesome and totally natural way, sans pills or needles. Talk about a three-in-one treatment!

THREE RHYTHM SPA Activating Body Treatment is available at $160 for 60 minutes. THREE RHYTHM SPA is located at Level 4, TANGS at Tang Plaza, 320 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238865. For more information, visit threecosmetics.com.sg/three-rhythm-spa.

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