Beauty Secrets From A Real Princess

Yes, you can look royally good too


Pauline Ducruet is descended from royalty - she’s the daughter of Princess Stéphanie of Monaco and the granddaughter of the late Hollywood star, Grace Kelly. The accomplished beauty is also ambassador of luxury skincare brand Lancaster, and a former competitive Youth Olympic diver who’s fluent in four languages. Here, she shares her skincare tips.

How do you maintain your complexion, especially during the summer months? 

To me, a clear complexion starts with a good makeup remover. In fact, I use a makeup remover both night and day to make sure my face is clear of all impurities. I follow up with a good moisturiser to keep my skin hydrated. During the summer, I make sure I do an extra step of incorporating the Lancaster Sun Sport range that comes with a high SPF into my everyday skincare routine - when I go to the beach or just as a shield for a day in the city. 

“My favourite is the Invisible Mist Wet Skin Application SPF50 as it suits my lifestyle very well. I love the dry touch It leaves on my skin with no traces of marks or streaks.”

Were there any beauty tips that your mother passed down to you from your grandmother? 

My mother always told me to drink a lot of water. It’s a simple but efficient method to clear skin. Another piece of advice was to make sure that my skin is always protected from the environment when I am out and about. 

Why did you agree to be an ambassador for Lancaster? 

I have been using Lancaster products since I was very young. I felt like it was a natural decision to come aboard as the ambassador because in a way, Lancaster represents my country and the lifestyle that we enjoy.

What beauty advice would you give to other young women? 

You must take good care of your skin by protecting it every day, all year long, and not only during certain times of the year like when the sun is especially hot. I know that it’s always sunny in Singapore, just like the south of France, thus you must really protect your skin.

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