Actress Song Hye Kyo reveals the secrets to her glowing skin

Besides the skincare products the Korean beauty loves the most, she also shares easy mindfulness and exercise tips that we can follow.


South Korean actress Song Hye Kyo has landed a new beauty gig after her fairytale wedding to her Descendants of the Sun co-star Song Joong Ki late last year. The 36-year-actress, whose name is synonymous with K-beauty, has been revealed to be the first ever face for luxury beauty brand Sulwhasoo.

The brand, which embarked on ginseng research 52 years ago, is a big proponent of ‘beauty from Asian wisdom’, a philosophy that aims to create harmony between the past and the present. “It’s where old meets new and tradition becomes modern,” explained Song in her first interview as Sulwhasoo’s brand muse in Seoul. The wide of range of skincare, makeup and beauty products, which are formulated by fusing traditional ingredients such as sacred lotus and rehmannia together with modern technology, are shining embodiments of this philosophy.

“I hope I can channel Sulwhasoo’s natural and harmonious beauty to women around the world. I believe creating harmony between the past and the present is more important than blindly holding on to the past. Sulwhasoo highlights the beauty of traditional culture that often goes unnoticed and makes it relatable to the here-and-now,” shared Song.

We had the great opportunity to meet up with Song in Seoul last month – and yes, her skin is just as flawless in real life. Naturally, we had to steal her beauty secrets, if only to add more mental pointers to our bank of K-beauty routines favoured by some of Korea’s most famous faces. Her tips? Surprisingly fuss-free!


“Beauty wells up from deep within. It’s all about finding the right balance between inner and outer beauty, and also personally, that work and life balance. Having a positive mindset is important for me. Finding the right balance is all in the head so thinking positive thoughts, taking things in my stride… if you can manage to do that, [the positivity] will be reflected on the outside as well.”


“I use Sulwhasoo products, including the First Care Activating Serum EX, on a daily basis. On some days before going to bed, I will use a sheet mask after applying serum. And I always have the Perfecting Cushion Intense on me."


“I practice yoga whenever I can. I started doing yoga about three years ago and it is something I really enjoy. Through yoga, I’m able to focus on finding my own balance, and on my body and mind, without thinking about anything else. The stretching helps and the medication aspect is something I appreciate.”

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