Skincare That’s Made Just For You

You tailor your diet and social calendar to meet your needs, so why shouldn’t you customise your skincare solutions too?


Skin changes all the time. When it comes to addressing skincare problems, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Like a thumbprint, every woman’s skin is unique, largely affected by lifestyle, weather conditions, the environment and hormonal or health-related changes. What every woman needs is a range of beauty tools that solely addresses her unique set of needs.

Your all-in-one beauty solution

SKIN INC is no stranger to the customisation game. The brand has been shaking up the customised skincare front for the past seven years and outsmarting all your skin issues — one serum at a time.

Enter SKIN INC’s My Daily DoseTM Custom Blended Serum series, a range of custom-formulated combinations to address your skin’s specific needs, and solve multiple skin conditions at the same time.

Suitable for all skin types, it’s designed to supplement any existing skincare routine or be used as a primary skincare regimen. The serums contain highly concentrated ingredients, so you only require three to four drops per application, twice a day.

Celebrate your individuality when you co-create your very own My Daily DoseTM Custom-Blended Serum.

Go through a three-minute online Skin Identity Check that determines your skin’s requirements via questions addressing factors including lifestyle, geographical location and skin problems. The aim: To create a serum that targets skin concerns simply and effectively. Once your bespoke serum is created, you even get to pick the coloured bottle that will hold it.

This “one-size-fits-one” concept puts the user back in control of her skincare. Don’t try finding that one product that suits your skin needs — create one that truly fits you instead. Discover your Skin Identity here, and customise your own My Daily Dose serum at SKIN INC’s Concept Store at ION Orchard B3-43,

Beauty by numbers: The SKIN INC way

  • 9 concentrated active ingredients
  • 84 combinations for your skin needs
  • 99% of women agree complexion is clearer and more luminous after 14 days of use (through a formula of Vitamin A, Hyaluronic Acid & Chlorella).

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