Cool girl Koharu Sugawara on her J-beauty secrets for stress-free skin

She's the one to watch.


OK, who in Gaga's good name is Koharu Sugawara? 

Here's a definitive dossier on the damsel in question. Koharu's a fashion favourite and nimble nymph who earns her chops dancing and choreographing the hell out of some sick moves; her CV includes the one-two steps you see in 2NE1's MV for Falling In Love

The latest and greatest feather in the hypebae's Off-White cap? Being tapped as the delightfully unexpected and alluringly androgynous face of Shiseido Ultimune's #StrongSouls campaign, of which more later. 

For now, take five and hit the play button below for a thrilling taste of her talent, alongside a heaping helping of vim and vigour: 

Pretty darn neat, yes? The decidedly youthful vibe is of a piece with Shiseido's reformulation of its Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate, a pre-serum now rendered doubly potent thanks to a host of herbal heroines including reishi and iris extracts.

This botanical bounty promises to work in tandem to amplify the so-called Langerhans cells responsible for regenerating your skin and girding it against aggressors like the sun, stress and smog.

The result is a ramping up of radiance for supremely supple skin worthy of well, Koharu herself. 

Which segues smoothly to the rapid-fire round of questions we lobbed at the lady when she was in town not too many moons ago. Keep reading for a peek into the personality of the incandescent ingenue ... 

... And FWIW, Shiseido says a bottle of Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate is sold every 13 seconds. Now this is a rare instance in which you WANT to be a statistic. The salve works — my face (and Koharu's) should be all the proof you need. #HappyShopping!

The key to looking fresh is... Stretching. I stretch everywhere, even at the airport. I don't really mind people gawking at me as I stretch.

The things I need to feel confident and raring to start the day include... adhering to a ritual before any big performance or competition. Two to three weeks prior, I will show up at rehearsal as my natural self, sans makeup. Two days before D-day, I will cut my hair and go through my routine with warpaint on, all decked out in my costume. These incremental changes help in developing the side of myself I want to showcase on stage. 

The advice I would give women facing societal pressure to look young is... Just be your authentic self and to always remember to smile.

The one memory I’ll always hold dear is... Visiting different countries and dancing with people from all over the world. I have many great memories from these encounters, and it’s really touching how everyone can connect by dancing, smiling and sweating together.

My dream house party guest-list would include… [famed animator and film director] Hayao Miyazaki from the Ghibli Museum. I would like to meet him, but at the
same time I don’t want to meet him because I respect him so much. Perhaps one day I will be at the airport and bump into him. If that happens, I'll say ,“I love you” very quickly and run! 

Main image: Christopher Jue/Getty Images for Shiseido.​​​​​​​

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