How Model Elsa Hosk Remains Zen During The Holidays

Here’s how she keeps her skin in tip-top condition during the busiest time of the year.


As a Biotherm spokesperson, model Elsa Hosk travels the world during the busiest time of the year. Here’s how she keeps her skin from going as crazy as we all feel right now.

Make time to spa.

“If I can, I like to visit the spa at one of the Aman Resorts—the four-handed massage is my fave.”

Cleanse like it’s your job.

“I never forget to remove my makeup—I wear so much of it when I’m working—and follow with a good wash. Then I tone and moisturize.”

Stress a bit less.

“Exercise and meditation get me through the busy holiday season—especially since I work in different time zones and travel a lot.”

Take it home.

“Last year, I skipped the holidays to go to Mexico. It was great, but I missed being with my whole family; holidays are meant to be spent with them.” Biotherm Skin Oxygen Strengthening Concentrate is topped up with chlorellaalgae extract to help scale back environmental assaults on the skin, thwarting everything from pollution to free radicals.

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