Homegrown Beauty: Skin Inc

Singapore pride! Meet Sabrina Tan, owner of local brand, Skin Inc, now available in nearly 70 cities worldwide



Why did you decide to create Skin Inc?

“Like all time-starved working mothers, I didn’t have the luxury of time to go through 11 steps of skincare, like what most brands were advocating. As I was going through my beauty regimen one morning, I realised my beauty stash was becoming a beauty graveyard — products from various brands and categories from toners to serums and moisturisers were just lined up and not being fully utilised. I was frustrated because the money and time I’d spent on taking care of my eczema-prone skin was not reaping the results I desired.

I realised that there was a gap in the market and that inspired me to change and revolutionise the concept of skincare. I wanted to streamline my regimen and find a product that was truly customised for me. Rather than stereotyping skin types, I wanted to empower and celebrate the differences. With that and my background in technology, the concept of one size fits one was born.”

What challenges did you face in creating the products?

“What sets Skin Inc apart is that our products are fuss-free and multi-functional, and provide instant gratification. At the same time, they should be non-invasive, have a high concentration of active ingredients and a good texture. This is a tall order and the main challenge came from trying to achieve all at the same time.

We develop products based on what time-starved urban women need. We don’t always aim to reinvent the wheel, but we listen to our consumers and give them what they truly need. As consumers today are highly informed about beauty and skincare, and need products that resonate with their busy lifestyles, they are no longer making purchases based on marketing spiels; they want to know what goes into their skincare, how to get good results easier and faster.”

What does Singapore beauty mean to you?

“To me, Singapore beauty, means looking - and feeling - good in your own skin, with or without makeup.”

How proud are you that Skin Inc is Singaporean-owned?

“I am definitely very proud to be a Singaporean who owns this global brand that is now available across 69 cities worldwide.”

Where are you fave places to go in Singapore for a pampering beauty treat?

“I go for regular facials at the Skin Inc Ion Orchard concept store. The Oxy Miracle Infusion is a must to clarify the skin while giving it an instant glow. And I use the Skin Inc Optimizer Voyage at home because it's fuss free, quick and shows instant results.

For my hair, I love to go Cinq Studio at Scotts Square. I don’t have a lot of time and patience for massages and spas. However, when I do visit one, I quite like Aramsa The Garden Spa.”

To celebrate Singapore’s 50th birthday, Skin Inc has introduced this limited edition My Daily Dose Custom Blended Serum Bottle in Marsala. The colour, according to Tan, exudes confidence and stability, and represents how far we’ve come as a nation. $169 (includes a customised concoction of three serums via the Skin Identity Check.)

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