DJ Kimberly Wang cuts through the noise to give us the beauty buys you must try

Spoiler alert: Hair "glue", anyone?


Colour me surprised, but Kimberly Haley Wang knows her stuff, at least when it comes to cosmetics — she's extra effervescent when enthusing over the elixirs she endorses, and name-drops specific shades of makeup merch without being obnoxious about it. 

In short: She's damn likeable, and would have made an awesome beauty blogger in another life. (Actually, it's never too late for a little hustling on the side...#JustSaying!)

Case in point? The vid we shot was done and dusted in a single take. It was also pretty much Sophie's Choice in deciding what to leave behind on the cutting floor; just about everything we filmed was usable AND useful — this beauty editor, for one, will cop to learning a trick or three from our deejay du jour. 

But yes, enough prattling and pontificating from yours truly; hit "play" on the link below for a kaypoh peek into Kimberly's pouch (and nope, ICYW, her bae Shane Pow doesn't make an appearance, more's the pity). Open letter to Kim (and smooth-skinned Shane): Do a #CoupleGoals collab with us the next time, pretty please? *Insert grinning emoji here*

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