Buy Now Or Cry Later: Items On Our Beauty Editor's Lust List This Month

Go on, you deserve it. Blow your budget on these deliciously drool-worthy swag, stat.


If you've been privy to the recent industry pearl-clutching re: the editorial integrity (or lack thereof) vis-à-vis the Singaporean beauty press, then you might very well be side-eyeing this story with scepticism about its tenability and trustworthiness. Well, good on you for being agnostic in this age of #FakeNews (no sarcasm here, I promise).

Here's the "real tea": Let it be known that the following editor-endorsed elixirs are the bee's knees, even if some of 'em (give yourself two points if you can ID which) are indeed, shall we say, patrons of this publication. (And hey, since when did clients become any less credible? If something bloody works, it bloody works. End of story. /rant)

But y'know what they say: Scroll through my list and judge for yourself. #HappyShopping (or not; your coins, your choice).

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