Beauty talk: radiating beauty from the inside out with the founders of fresh

Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg on wellness, morning rituals, beauty sins and masking the right way.


To kick-start your morning drink lemon water. If possible, massage your eyes and face with black tea-spiked ice cubes – that helps tighten, alleviate puffiness and boost circulation.

For glowing skin masking is a daily must, even if only for five minutes in the morning. The key is to choose one to satisfy your skin’s “cravings” for that day.

The worst beauty sin you can commit is to squeeze your blackheads and pop your pimples. Never apply anything that contains alcohol on your face – it can leave your skin dehydrated and accelerate ageing.

What you eat will show up on your skin so try kombucha. It’s a probiotic powerhouse that improves metabolism and digestion.

Never leave home without hand cream, which Roytberg says is “with me all the time.” Her skincare essentials also include Fresh Soy Face Cleanser, Black Tea Kombucha Facial Treatment Essence and Crème Ancienne Eye Cream.

To disconnect from daily stress Glazman enjoys visiting the Yaan Wellness Energy Spa in Tulum, Mexico, for a soothing Mayan-inspired treatment by Dr Bobby Klein.

One skincare habit to abide by is to always remove makeup and moisturise your face before going to bed. “Very simple, very basic, but it truly works!” says Roytberg.

The last thing to do before bed is to slather on hand cream – and dance!

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