How To Get Rid Of Frizzy Flat Hair - Forever

And say hello to smooth, silky, bouncy tresses


Hands up, who loves getting a professional in-salon hair wash and blowout?

I totally do. 

There's really nothing like having smooth, shiny, silky hair with every strand in place; and that bouncy mane full of body just makes you feel so fabulous, you almost wish you could bump into your ex or worst enemy right there and then.

Recreate that fabulous look-at-me hair just by using a smoothing hair serum. Spread a drop or two on hands and apply to clean, towel-dry hair.

For the best results, follow by blasting hair until half dry with your hairdryer on medium heat, then use a big round brush to smooth section by section with your hairdryer on high heat setting. Finish with a final blast on cool setting and smooth a drop more of hair serum on and you're all set.

Click through our gallery to check out 9 of our favourite hair serums in the lightest of formulas. They promise not to weigh down your strands.

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