What Do You Think This Gadget Does?

Here’s a clue: It deals in pleasure and pain


True story: A colleague, on board a flight to Japan, once saw a group of Japanese women take out a roller gadget mid-flight and use it en masse. “It was like some sort of synchronised event,” she says.

The reason for the activity? To boost the body’s microcirculation to prevent the onset of deep vein thrombosis during the flight. 

Trust the Japanese to come up with (and know the importance of) innovative beauty and health gadgets. I mean, many of them live up to over a hundred years and are in the pink of health, so they must know a thing or two. Thank goodness some of their secrets are out and we can reap the same rewards. 

The gadget the women on the flight were using, the MTG ReFa Pro, is well-loved by celebrities, makeup artists and beauty junkies for its ability to help lift, firm and tone skin that has seen better days. According to the company, over 4 million units have been sold worldwide, and the numbers are still growing. 

But what if you want a gadget that does something more? The experts at MTG hear you. Say hello to the new MTG ReFa Active, which promises to give a more holistic approach to beauty and wellness.

Said to help athletes and sports enthusiasts boost circulation and aid in all-over body conditioning, it’s celebrity footballer Cristiano Ronaldo’s must-have gadget. 

With all the running events coming up soon — The Great Eastern Women’s Run, Standard Chartered Marathon and yes, even the Hello Kitty Run - you might really want to give this device a go. 

Here’s what it can do for you:

1. It’s like getting a professional massage any time, any day

The device’s Wide Fit Pressure Functionality allows you to replicate the massage techniques of a professional sports trainer to ease tension and soothe tight and sore muscles.

2. It removes build-up

Perfect for boosting circulation, the massage rollers also help with lymphatic drainage to remove toxin and lactic acid build-up. Great when you’ve been working out loads.

3. It shortens recovery time

Thanks to its solar panels, this device also emits microcurrents from converting the light energy it receives. According to the MTG experts, this can improve blood circulation, provide pain relief from aches and even speed up recovery time from injuries. 

And of course, the ReFa Active can still be used as a beauty treatment for firmer and more radiant skin. 

$450. For more information, visit www.mtg-sg.com or any AIBI outlet. 

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