6 Super Shiok Masks Your Face Needs Now

These biocellulose masks are life-changing


I love all kinds of face masks. It's the combination of skin-pampering and instantly visible benefits that has me totally hooked.

My favourite type of mask by far has to be sheet masks made of biocellulose material. The first time I tried on one of these cooling, rubbery, kinda slimy face masks, I fell in love.

Here are six awesome benefits of biocellulose facial masks you need to know:

#1. Biocellulose is a natural material, usually made from plant-based fibers.

#2. The material is stretchy and porous, so it absorbs and holds more of the skincare concentrate.

#3. Its stretchy, rubbery texture helps to cling to the skin well, so it won't slide off like other fabric sheet masks. Biocellulose feels so awesome on the skin too — cooling and taut, like second skin.

#4. The absorbent material also ensures less dripping and wastage of the skincare concentrate in each mask pack. The skincare goodies are soaked into the biocellulose material, which in turn goes onto your face.

#5. Also, the material doesn't dry out as quickly as other fabric-type sheet masks. Some biocellulose masks can even be left on overnight.

#6. When you have a biocellulose mask on, it is like having an intensive skincare drip, gradually infusing skin with all its beneficial ingredients.

Trying is believing, so start with any of the biocellulose masks featured in our gallery.

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