5 Ways You’re Using Your Beautyblender Wrong

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Since the Beautyblender - an egg-shaped sponge that makes the application of your makeup much easier and gives you a dewy airbrushed finish - was launched in 2003, beauty buffs around the globe have adopted it as their go-to applicator bar none.

But did you know that many of us are using it in ways that don’t maximise its effectiveness? Here are five common mistakes that you should put right now. 

Mistake #1: You’re using it dry

Dampening your Beautyblender will help you blend your makeup flawlessly for a streak-free finish. Just leave it under some running water or dunk it in a cup of water first, then squeeze out the access.

Mistake #2: You don’t clean your sponge

If you haven’t washed your beauty blender in a looooong time, we suggest you do it now and after every use. This helps makeup go on more smoothly and, of course, prevents the accumulation of bacteria. If you’re not sure what to wash it with, there’s always the Beautyblender Liquid Blendercleanser. Pour that onto a soaking wet sponge and roll the sponge between your palms using a gentle squeezing motion. Rinse, squeeze out the access and let it air-dry.

Mistake #3: You’ve had your beauty blender for, like, forever

Do you even remember when you bought it? Like toothbrushes and mascaras, the Beautyblender needs to be replaced every three months. Besides the fact that it’s more likely to wear out over time, there’s also the risk of it becoming a playground for bacteria. (Also, you don’t want it to turn into this, do you?)

Mistake #4: You aren’t applying your makeup with a bounce

Don’t use it with a wiping motion. The technique to applying your foundation using this egg-shaped sponge: With a bounce. Using a bouncing motion, you’re depositing the makeup from the sponge onto the skin, while blending it at the same time.

Mistake #5: You’re using it just for your makeup

Did you know it’s a neat way of applying your skincare products too? It’s free of dye and soft on skin so you can use it (damp of course) to pat on your serums, moisturisers and even sunscreen.

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