5 Ways To Prevent Your Bangs From Sticking To Your Forehead

Don’t let humidity ruin your hair game


Everyone knows getting bangs is the easiest, most effective way to change up your look. Sadly, the warm and humid weather isn’t fringe-friendly, and can be a real pain when you’re trying to be cute and sassy but end up looking sticky instead. To make things worse, hair sticking to your face = breakouts.

So, what’s a girl-with-bangs gotta do to keep hair from sticking to her forehead? Here are some tricks and ideas to keep ‘em fresh and dry.

1. Skip the conditioner

Don’t use conditioner on your bangs as it adds extra weight to your fringe, which means it’s more likely to brush against your skin. Make sure you wash your bangs at least once a day to keep it clean and fresh.

2. Use heat spray

Spritz some heat spray on your brush before combing through your bangs to stop humidity from flattening your fringe or frizzing it up.

3. Blow-dry the right way

Brush your bangs forward and dry them by using a blow-dryer that’s pointed downwards. Blast on high heat quickly to remove excess moisture.

4. Dry shampoo

If you’re really desperate, you can always count on dry shampoo to give your locks that much-needed lift and volume, which in turn prevents it from sticking to your forehead.

5. Blot, blot, blot

An oily forehead makes it easy for your bangs to stick – so make sure you remove excess oil or sweat from your skin that may add to the stickiness. This step works perfectly with #4 to ensure an oil-free zone around your forehead!

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