5 Ways To Keep Asian Lashes Curled

Short, straight lashes SOS! Here are some extra-strength ideas to keep the sproing strong


1. The mascara method

Apply mascara on your lashes. Then grip them with an eyelash curler lightly coated in loose powder and hold for 30 seconds. Remove and apply another coat of mascara. This will keep lashes curled for longer while the powder adds volume and prevents them from sticking painfully to the curler. Boomz.

2. The heat technique

Use a hairdryer to lightly warm up your eyelash curler (careful if yours is metal because you don’t want scorched eyes!), then use the curler as you usually do. The heat will help crimp your lashes – just think of it as a free perm for flutters!

3. The kitchen replacement

Lost your eyelash curler again? No worries, just dig into your kitchen drawer for a metal teaspoon instead. Place the back of the spoon against the top of your eyelid, then lightly press your lashes along the spoon’s bottom edge to turn them upwards. Works just like a curler.

4. The prime time ploy

Smooth on a lash primer after curling your lashes. This will help set and hold the curl – though we have to say, this doesn’t seem to work with all Asian lashes, so experiment with different brands and see what suits you best.

5. The lube trick

It’s not just your you-kn0w-where that can do with a little lube. Lashes love it too – just slick on some Vaseline (uh, we haven’t tried KY Jelly anywhere near the eyes yet) and curl them with an eyelash curler. This protects the base of your lids, prevents them from becoming brittle and keeps your curl game strong.

Photo: GalleryHip

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