5 Tricks To Make Your Foundation Stay Put

Yes, you can keep your bases from melting in this unrelenting heat


Photo: Imaxtree

1. Always use a makeup base or primer before foundation application

This not only evens out skin tone (so you use less foundation to cover up) but also helps it last longer. Extremely important when you’re dealing with our weather!

2. Remember: The less you apply, the less there is to melt off

When it comes to foundation, using a tool – a foundation brush, Beauty Blender sponge or gadget – will help you achieve the most natural and flawless finish. You’ll also use less foundation. Then leave it to set for a minute before applying any other makeup.

3. Powder power

To keep your skin shine free and set your makeup at the same time, use a fluffy powder brush and a gentle hand to dust on some loose powder.

4. Use oil blotters instead of touching up

Adding extra layers will only cause your makeup to cake. So instead of applying more foundation, blot gently to soak up excess shine.

5. Opt for lightweight, silicone-based foundations

The silicone acts like a film between your skin and moisture, making it one of the best options when dealing with humidity.

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