5 Tips For A Zit-Free Holiday

A.k.a. how to party hard but keep nasty breakouts at bay


1. Lay off the chips

Love salty snacks? Here’s a reason to go easy on them. Researchers from Cairo University have found a link between consuming salty food and acne development. According to IDS Clinic’s Dr Lum XY, participants in the study who had acne were found to consume significantly more salt than those who were zit-free. She suggests sticking to low salt foods as “they’re good for your health and for your face”.

2. Go easy on the alcohol

While Dr Lum acknowledges that “there’s no proof that drinking alcohol directly causes breakouts”, that’s not an excuse to get wasted. “Excessive alcohol consumption has been known to cause hormonal imbalances, which might be a cause of acne breakouts down the road,” she cautions. So drink in moderation - if only because a drunk you won’t be a pretty sight.

3. An updo is a Do!

Wondering what to do with your hair? Try a chic updo like a messy top knot or for something a little prettier, work a braid or simply slip on a sparkly hairband. Actually, any style that will keep your hair out of your face is a do. This is because the product build-up and natural oils on hair can cause zits when they come into contact with skin. 

4. Don’t skimp on moisturiser

Don’t skip moisturiser even if you have oily skin. Instead, pick a formula suited for your skin type. Hydration serves as a barrier and keeps zit-causing bacteria at bay. The right moisturiser balances your skin type and keeps it clear and supple.

5. Use an anti-acne toner

Prone to the occasional zit? You don’t need to have a full range of anti-acne products on hand. In fact, a toner with salicylic acid will do. After thorough makeup removal every night, swipe the toner over skin with a cotton pad. This will help to eliminate bacteria and dirt and also minimise pores.

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