5 Things You Should Know About This Cult-Favourite Fragrance

Alert: We just can’t get enough


#1 Its name

Tacit (say “ta-sit”), the name of the fragrance, refers to knowledge that is understood or implied without being stated, a quality that’s more readily experienced than articulated. So spritz some on, and take a deep breath.

#2 It’s easy to wear

The scent is fresh and green, and as with all Aēsop scents, it can be worn by both women and men. The key ingredients in this unisex fragrance are a woody vetiver heart, leafy Egyptian basil oil, and refreshing citrus yuzu accord.

#3 It has unique beginnings

Unlike most fragrances that start with a brief, Aēsop gave perfumer Celine Barel, a mood board as an abstract olfactive representation to set the tone of the fragrance.

#4 In the moodboard…

The Pantone colour 363 (green), the aroma of the Aēsop Reverence Aromatique Hand Balm, a reference to the artistic style of Italian artist Giorgio de Chirico, and a still from the Hong Kong film, In The Mood For Love.

#5 It’s One-of-a-kind

Incorporating the work of Australian generative artist, Jonathan McCabe, the designs on the packaging were created using theories of natural pattern formation, based on Barel’s discussion on Tacit and the music she listened to.

sop Tacit, $135, is available at Aēsop stores and Aēsop online.

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