5 Great Things That Will Happen When You Don’t Wear Makeup

Trust us: It’s totally okay to go bare-faced. Start this weekend


Ahhh, weekends! Time to sleep in, catch up on Netflix, nap lots and decompress from the excesses of the work week. It’s also the perfect time to give your skin a break.

I don’t wear makeup on weekends if I can help it, except for a tinted lip balm if I’m feeling blah, or my usual red lippie if I’m going out at night.

Ironically, my journey to a makeup-free weekend started a few years ago when I had a bout of serious adult acne. My dermatologist put me on a regimen of skin-refining treatments and oral supplements, advised me to go makeup-free as much as possible ─ and my skin eventually cleared up in about a year.

1. I felt a bit “naked” and insecure. At first

I’m cursed/blessed with a baby face. When I don’t wear makeup, I’m convinced I also look kind of blank. Plus, I have a real issue with my (lack of eyebrows). I could go on… But I won’t. Interestingly, no-one actually noticed when I wasn’t wearing makeup! Not even when I was still dealing with adult acne, and certainly not when my skin cleared up.

2. I suddenly needed a lot less time to get ready. I was also a lot less stressed

When I used to do full-on makeup before going out on weekends, I often spazzed out, usually because of a makeup experiment that inevitably took longer than I’d planned. No more: Nowadays, I stumble out of bed from a disco nap, shower, moisturise and get dressed. And I’m ready to go.

3. My skin cleared up

Okay, I had help from my dermatologist. But I treat weekends as a time-out for my face. I’ll see what my skin needs and act accordingly: A clarifying or exfoliating mask if it’s looking a little dull, or a hydrating sheet mask if I feel it needs a moisture boost.

4. I invested in better skincare

During my 18-month of acne treatment, I overhauled my skincare routine and researched every product I wanted to use. I didn’t go crazy (and potentially broke) buying only expensive potions; what works for everyone, I believe, is a mix of luxury and drugstore brands.

5. I realise I don’t need to wear a lot of makeup. Yes, even on weekdays at work

Before, I would carefully layer my face with primer, foundation, different concealers (I had to cover up my blemishes and acne!), powder and a raft of cosmetics. These days, my makeup routine is now seriously pared down. Honestly? My skin now feels “heavy” when I put on more makeup than usual, such as when I use eyeliner. I even skip mascara on most days. My only constants are sunblock (of course) and lipstick ─ and whenever I need a touch-up at work, my fabulous co-worker simply marches up to my desk and points at his pout. Oh, snap!

Photo: @gigihadid via Instagram

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