5 Easy Ways To Make Your Hair Colour Last Longer

Hello, un-dye-ing love


Like the lyrics for Rihanna’s hit song, we want our hair colour to stay as well. Unfortunately, it’s only inevitable that hair colour and highlights fade. To decrease the number of salon visits and be friendlier to our wallets, we’ve sussed out the top five ways to keep your hair colour fresher, longer.

1. Make sure you choose the right products

Take care of your hair like you do for your skin – pick a gentle shampoo and conditioner with colour-protecting ingredients that won’t strip off the shade as quickly. Aveda's Color Conserve shampoo is plant-based with lavender and ylang ylang extracts to soothe your hair. Also remember to avoid styling products with a high alcohol content, as they tend to dry your hair out.

2. Start using a dry shampoo

Frequent showers mean your hair dye will fade more quickly. To prevent your hair and scalp from getting too greasy, use a dry shampoo, like the one from Klorane, to extend the life of your hair colour.

3. Protect your hair from the sun

You wouldn’t skip sunscreen for your face, so don’t forget to do the same for your hair. Protecting colour-treated hair from exposure to the sun is a key factor for preserving its colour. UV light damages hair and causes dye molecules to oxidise and fade, so make sure you put on a hat or use a spray-on sunscreen, like the Redken Color Extend Sun sunscreen before heading out!

4. Apply a weekly hair mask

Deep-conditioning is essential for a longer shelf-life for hair colours – the chemicals in dyes are harsh on your hair, so make sure you use a hair mask (try Ouai's super moisturising Treatment Masque) once a week after shampooing to keep it soft and healthy.

5. Examine your shower

Do you like to shower with hot water? Love feeling the shower spray on your head? These habits may be causing your hair colour to fade faster. While we can’t avoid showers, it’s important to avoid standing directly under the spray, and keep the water temperature lukewarm (the pressure and heat may damage hair).

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