4 Unexpected Ways To Wear Glitter On Your Face

Go forth and shine


In the world of unicorns and fairies, it’d be totally cool if we wear glitter everywhere, everyday. Unfortunately, social conventions restrict us from looking like a Cirque du Soleil performer all the time – but this doesn’t mean we should give up our right to shine! From subtly shimmery lips to highlighted cheekbones, there are several ways for us to incorporate a bit of shine in our everyday looks. Read on to find out more!

1. Sparkly winged eye

If you’ve only tried a clean streak of glitter eyeliner on your upper or lower lid, it’s time to step it up and do a whole winged-eye look – in glitter.


2. Glitter tears

Possibly the chicest way to cry, glitter tears are a fun look to try for parties. You can choose exactly how far you wanna go – whether it’s a conservative sprinkle, or a fabulous wash of glitter.


3. Shimmering lips

A sparkling pout is a cool, easy way to update your makeup look – start off with neutrals and graduate to darker, bolder colours for a more dramatic twist.


4. Glowing cheekbones

Blessed with high cheekbones? Go for subtly, shimmering highlights on them for this understated but glowing look. 

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