4 Hair Hacks To Right Bad Hair Days

All your hair woes solved, right here


Sometimes we envy guys. With their (mostly) short hair, cropped neatly, what do they know about bad hair days?

If you feel plagued by hair problems like irksome frizz, growing out short hair, a bad dye job or simply unmanageable hair, read on for our solutions...

#1. Frizz. Big time.
Frizz looks good on nobody. Thankfully we've got an at-home anti-frizz treatment solution, the new the 10 Day Tamer Pre-Wash Treatment from John Frieda. And the best part is that you don't even have to do it daily because it lasts up to five washes. Read more about The One Product You Need To Fight Frizz.

#2. A horrendous dye job.
Whether the said botched dye job was self-inflicted or done in a salon, never, we repeat, NEVER attempt to rectify the problem on your own. Most professional salons would fix a botched job they did for free. If you've cause the problem with a D.I.Y colouring kit, book a salon appointment to fix it. Colourists would recommend that you come back up to a week later though, because the first round of dye needs to settle and develop fully before another colour can be applied. Otherwise you might just end up with another totally weird hair colour altogether. 

#3. The pains of growing out short hair.
One of the toughest hair situations around, only because there really isn't much you can do to speed up the process. You can try pinning up your hair or fringe using bobby pins or barrettes, this gets them out of your way temporarily at least. Or try eating more protein-rich foods as they are said to promote speedier hair growth. Hang in there!

#4. Totally unmanageable hair.
You swear you don't know what you possibly could have done but you woke up in the morning and your hair just decides to have a life of its own. It is a persistent kink or cowlick, just on one side; That unintentional bedhead hair you can't comb out or tame. And the more product you apply on it, the more it emphasises the problem. This is a job for updos (chignons and French twists) or simple ponytails. Adding a pretty hair accessories like a hairband or clip doesn't hurt either.

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