4 Hacks To Make Your Foundation Work Better

Work your existing foundation harder for flawless complexion


In our quest for flawless looking skin, most of us tend to run out and buy a new foundation every now and then, lured by the promises of perfect-looking complexion.

And is it just us, or does every foundation we have seem not to have the same skin-perfecting effects after we've used it for a while? 

Whatever the case, here are three easy hacks to power up your existing foundation formulas.

#1. For more natural looking coverage...
Add a drop or two of your favourite moisturising lotion to your foundation and mix it up before applying on your skin. Sometimes, foundation tends to look heavy and cakey when skin becomes a little drier than usual. This quick fix solution makes any liquid foundation more lightweight and helps it to spread more easily and smoothly onto skin.

#2. For combination skin...
Invest in two types of makeup base. Trust us, this is worth your time and money. Makeup bases were made to help foundation stay put on various skin types, so invest in the right formulas for your combination skin. Got an oily T-zone but drier skin on your cheeks? Spread a makeup base for oily skin on your greasy T-zone and a hydrating makeup base on the cheek areas before applying your foundation. You'll have flawless looking skin all day.

#3. Need fuller coverage?...
Sometimes you just need your foundation to give you a little more coverage than usual. Instead of piling on several layers of foundation, which can also end up looking cakey, mix a smidgen of liquid or cream concealer with your foundation on the back of your hand before applying onto your face. You'll have a richer textured foundation that offers more coverage in one application.

#4. For better foundation application...
Try a professional tool like the Beauty Blender, Color Me Automatic Foundation Applicator, or a foundation brush. These tools were made specifically to improve the application of your foundation by helping it to blend onto skin more easily and evenly. 

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