4 Beauty Products That Will Make You Feel SO Hungry

KFC nail polish or chocolate bronzer, anyone?


We love to eat, and we love makeup, so what’s better than beauty products that smell or even taste like our favourite food? If you think that’s just a pipe dream, you’re in for a surprise. From fried chicken nail polish to bacon perfume, keep reading to check out 4 of the most intriguing, delicious beauty products out there.

1. KFC nail polish

You read that right — KFC is taking finger lickin’ good to a whole new level. The fast food chain has created edible nail polish that tastes just like their signature fried chicken when you lick it. Best part — it comes in both Original or Hot & Spicy fried chicken.

We’re not sure how we feel about edible nail polish of any kind, given how damaging nail polish can be just by smelling it. But even if you don’t want fried chicken-tasting nails, the polish colours — a sparkly nude and a vibrant reddish-orange — are honestly quite pretty. Sadly, it’s only going to be available in Hong Kong in the coming months. Time to plan a vacay there perhaps?

2. Bacon perfume

Bacon Classic, US$36 (approx. S$48.92), by Fargginay.

Want to smell like breakfast? Now you can, with bacon perfume. This special scent was apparently first created in 1920 by Parisian butcher John Fargginay, who found fans amongst stars and government officials for his ‘magical elixer’ — a secret blend of herbs, essential oils…and bacon.

Now the formula has been modernised into a sleek scent by the folks behind Fargginay. The brand’s Bacon Classic is a spicy maple fragrance that mixes refreshing scents like bergamot, orange, lime and grapefruit, and subtle pinches of savoury bacon. According to reviews, it’s really does smell like bacon, without the grease or oil, and is surprisingly pleasant. We’re sold.

Shop Fargginay here.

3. Soda lip balm

3-piece Coke Soda can tin, $21.90, by Lip Smackers from Zalora.

If you grew up in the late ’90s and early 2000s, you would be no stranger to Lip Smackers. The beloved lip balm set was and still is a big hit amongst tweens for its fun, scrumptious scents.

There are plenty of sweet flavours, from fruit to cake, to choose from, but our favourite has got to be their range of balms that smell and taste like soft drinks. Whether you’re a 7-up girl or prefer Coca Cola, there’s something for you.

Shop Lip Smackers at Guardian pharmacies, or on Zalora.

4. Chocolate makeup

Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar, $76, by Too Faced from Sephora.

This is probably one of the most beloved food-smelling beauty products out there. Infused with real cocoa, Too Faced’s range of chocolate makeup smells so good; don’t be surprised if you find yourself tempted to eat it.

Choose from chocolate-infused bronzers, an eyeshadow palette and liquid lipsticks, or get them all for a face that smells as good as it looks.

Shop Too Faced at Sephora.

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