3 Things You Do That Are Damaging Your Skin's Barrier

Stop sabotaging your skin


The term "skin barrier" is thrown around a lot in skincare talk. But what it really is is your skin's defense, how sound its entire structure is.

Skin is like a fabric, if it is too thin or there's any damage in the form of 'holes' this lets in nasty stuff like breakout-causing bacteria and free radical damage, and also causes skin to lose the good stuff like moisture.

A weak skin barrier is the start of almost every skin issue out there, from dryness to dryness, signs of ageing to even clinical sensitivity.

So what causes damage to skin's barrier? Here are three things you're probably doing to harm your skin, that you should stop doing right now.

#1. Hot Showers
Hot water strips the skin and causes irritation. That's why our skin turns red on contact with hot water — the first sign of irritation. Avoid too-hot showers altogether, on the body, face and hair too.

#2. Over scrubbing
Facial exfoliation, whether by physical scrubs or chemical peels like AHAS, speeds up skin turnover to reveal brighter, clearer and more youthful skin. But too much exfoliation is terrible for skin too. It thins the skin layers causing it to become fragile and susceptible to external damage.

#3. Sun, sun, sun
UV rays damage skin's DNA and structure big time, that's why sunscreen is super important. Besides applying a good sunscreen liberally and often, you should also stay out of the sun as much as possible. Going for a swim or beach holiday? Do yourself a favour, pile on the waterproof sunscreen.

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