3 Things To Do For Beautiful Hands

That have absolutely nothing to do with manicures or hand creams


We use our hands for just about everything - typing, writing, eating, carrying stuff, driving. In fact, they’re such a prominent feature of our physique that they’re probably the one other thing people observe about us as much as our face.

That’s why our paws deserve as much TLC as you can give them. And we’re not talking merely in the form of hand creams and manicures. Here are three other things you can do to ensure your hands stay beautiful.

1. Flexibility exercises

Each of our hands is made up of roughly 27 bones and a network of muscles. This web can get stiff from the same old movements we carry out every day, so exercises can help give them a more well-rounded workout. Place your hands together, palms open and touching and move fingers in a wave-like motion. Follow up with an individual exercise for each hand: Ball it into a tight fist for about 30 to 60 seconds, then release and flex fingers backwards. Repeat at least four times.

2. Don’t carry heavy bags

If you have to carry something heavy like grocery bags or even a bulky handbag, try slinging it on your shoulder or forearm to avoid straining your hands and fingers. Hand strain can lead to the formation of awful sinewy veins and tendons.

3. Go for hand massages

To relieve hand strain, get a hand massage. Or you can DIY: Press on the fleshy part of your palm firmly but gently, then pull and smooth each finger - just like you’ve seen your manicurist do.

Photos: Imaxtree

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