3 Reasons To Love Body Soap Bars

Reach for a bar instead of a bottle


Since shower gels and liquid soaps came about, who uses bar soaps anymore?  

Here are 3 reasons you should reach for a bar instead of a bottle, when it comes to your body cleanser.

#1. Soap bars have substantially less packaging than liquid soaps. 
Shower gels often come in plastic bottles which don't disintegrate causing waste problems. Soap bars on the other hand usually come in simple waxed paper.

#2. Soap bars force you to lather up.
With a bar of soap we have to create lather in our hands before applying it on our skin. This is better for skin as the surfactants (chemicals added to create foam) are dispersed once lather is formed. Whereas with liquid soaps, we often spread it directly on our skin then rub it in, subjecting skin to the harsh chemical surfactants.

#3. Soap bars are better value for money.
Generally, a soap bar lasts longer than a bottle of shower gel. And it is more affordable too. One of our faves costs about $1.30 a bar!

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