3 Magical ’Dos To Try If You’re Bored Of Your Hair

Secret rainbow tresses and hair stencilling, anyone?


Doesn’t it feel like we’ve seen a million new funky hair trends emerge out of the blue in the past year alone?

Let’s see - we’ve got hair sprouts, glitter roots and even glow-in-the-dark hair. What can possibly top those?

Well, it seems like when it comes to tresses, the sky’s the limit. Here are three new creative hair trends you need to try out at least once in your lifetime.

1. Hair stencilling

Photo: @janine_ker_hair via Instagram

Just when we thought we’d run out of fun things to do to our hair, hair stenciling comes along - and boy, is it pretty.

You can do it at home: All you need is a stencil of your preferred design (polka dots, stars, floral patterns, etc), hair colour spray - and a friend, because this is very hard to achieve alone.

Set the stencil where you want it and spray some hair spray onto the area. Repeat or layer on different patterns if you want to create something more complex. For more hair-inspiration, check out hair stylist Janine Ker’s amazing Instagram page.

2. Strategic shaving

Photo: @janine_ker_hair via Instagram

If you want to take your hair beyond dyeing it a multitude of crazy colours, how about shaving it then dyeing it? Don’t worry, we’re not saying you should shave all your hair off, just the underside along the nape.   

This style is perfect for those who want to go bold on their days off but have a corporate job to return to after those wild weekends, because your shave can easily be hidden or shown off.

For those who want to take it a notch further, you can try shaving a whole panel of hair off, or fun crisscross, geometric or even floral patterns.

And because we can’t see the back of our heads, you might want to hit up your hairdresser for this.

3. Secret rainbow hair

Photo: @yolacote via Instagram

Always wanted a multi-coloured ’do, but don’t want to commit to just a few shades or can’t get funky colours done because of work? Secret rainbow hair is the trend for you.

Instead of dyeing your whole head, secret rainbow hair (as the name suggests) focuses on the underside or bottom-half of your hair that’s usually hidden from sight.

You get to show off your fun side by tying your hair up, but still look work-appropriate when you let it down. Plus, since your roots won’t show as obviously, you won’t have to go back to your hairdresser for touch-ups as much, which will save you some extra cash. Pretty and practical - we’re in.

For more on haircare and styling, check out 7 Easy Hairstyles To Try This Week or The Futuristic Hair Gadget That Tops Our Wish List. For more on beauty, head here.

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