3 Fuss-Free Ways To Get Rid Of Dry Skin

Easy peasy lemon squeezy


Resigned to looking like a packet of bonito flakes? Well, here’s news for you - your skin doesn’t have to look that way. Here’s how to kiss dry skin goodbye with three simple steps, plus keep your skin’s hydration levels up:

#1 Drink up

Sure you know this, but are you really downing enough H2O? Drinking lots of water throughout the day, doing regular exercise and sticking to a healthy diet is essential when it comes to getting skin hydrated.

#2 Avoid these activities

“If you already have dry skin, it’s best to avoid sunbathing, going to tanning salons, drinking alcohol and smoking,” says manager at Nature’s Spa by Jurlique, Nicole Lee. Doing so can cause skin to dehydrate further.

#3 Use a moisturiser (even if you have oily skin)

A moisturiser prevents further moisture loss in skin that can lead to more oil production. “It also acts as a protective shield between your skin and the environment, which serums or essences don’t do,” says Lee.

The best time to moisturise? Straight after cleansing, so skin can better absorb the skincare ingredients. Use these performance boosters for better skincare absorption, and keep skin hydrated around the clock with these 11 hydrating facial mists.

Photo: Imaxtree

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