3 Cleansing Clay Masks That Are Guaranteed To Clear Your Skin

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I have combination skin, which means my oily t-zone leads to blackheads appearing pretty frequently on my nose and forehead. To clear the gunk out of my pores and keep my complexion clear, I turn to my arsenal of clay masks. Here are my top three favourites:


Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque, $45

You probably see this mask included in many “Best Clay Masks” lists – and it’s because this REALLY works. The lightweight texture makes it easy to spread across the face, and a little does go a long way. It’s also fragrance-free, which is great news for those with sensitised skin.

After washing off the mask, my skin feels cleaner, brighter and smoother immediately – even my mum could tell the difference. This is a basic clay mask that would benefit those with oilier skin. It’s slightly pricey, but hey, one tub lasts forever.

Aesop Primrose Facial Cleansing Masque, $53 for 60ml and $69 for 120ml

This one is a lifesaver for those dealing with congested pores and breakouts. Kaolin, a clay mineral that’s extremely helpful at reducing oiliness and removing impurities, is the second ingredient listed on this product’s label. Those with acne-prone skin will love this mask as well, as kaolin is also known to reduce inflammation – hence calming the redness and swelling around blemishes.

I break this out when I’m battling breakouts, as my skin feels calmed and soothed after every use. It can be quite drying, so I’d recommend not leaving it on for more than 15 minutes (I usually wash it off after 10).

Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mousse Mask, $29

Though it’s the most affordable of the lot, this Innisfree mask does not skimp on its pore-cleansing properties at all. In addition to having a hygienic pump packaging, the mousse formulation is a real delight – the light, airy texture makes it super easy to apply, and it’s made up of teeny, tiny particles that can really reach and absorb sebum from your face effectively. 

While most clay masks tend to be a little drying, this one leaves your skin soft and supple. Use it once a week to clear the gunk out of your pores for cleaner, brighter complexion.

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