3 Brightening Ingredients That REALLY Work

Read this before your next skincare haul


Brightening skincare products aren’t just about improving skin tone. Some radiant-boosting ingredients have additional benefits that also reduce fine lines, and increase collagen production and hydration levels.

So, which ingredients really work? Medical doctor at IDS Clinic, Dr WS Heng, shares the three brightening ingredients to look out for when shopping for skincare goodies:

#1 Vitamin C

This strong antioxidant doesn’t just even out skin tone and reduce pigmentation, it initiates collagen production at the skin’s dermal level for firmer skin, too.

#2 Vitamin A

This retinoid works on all levels of skin because skin itself is full of retinoid receptors. Besides exfoliating and reducing pigmentation formation, its other benefits include regulating sebum production and treating acne. But take caution when choosing a vitamin A product as some users may experience skin irritation during the first use.

#3 Resveratrol

This naturally occurring ingredient can be found in grapes, mulberries and other botanical substances. When applied topically, it directly reduces the activity of tyrosinase – an enzyme responsible for producing pigmentation.

Photo: Imaxtree

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