3 Best Ways To Clean Your Beauty Blender

How to get your sponge squeaky-clean


The Beauty Blender sponge has, since its arrival into the beauty scene in 2003, has become a big part of many of our makeup routines. The cute little egg-shaped sponge has made blending out our foundation and concealer a much easier and faster process. 

One of our biggest conundrums when we first got the Beauty Blender was, how should we clean this? Like any other makeup sponge, the Beauty Blender will definitely accumulate product residue with time. But unlike most makeup sponges we’re used to, the Beauty Blender is a lot more expensive so there’s no way we can throw it out after every use. 

We’ve managed to find 3 effective ways to cleanse a Beauty Blender sponge — whether you want to do so daily, every other day or thoroughly every week.

1. Daily: Use a dedicated cleanser

To prevent a gradual build-up of foundation and nasty bacteria, it’s best to clean your Beauty Blender after every use. Beauty Blenders have a specific cleaning solution, the BlenderCleanser, that’s made for cleaning the sponges. 

Wash and rinse your Beauty Blender with the solution once you’re done with your makeup in the morning and leave it out to dry so you’ll get a spotless sponge for the next day. It will take a couple of minutes out of your morning, but hey, for blemish-free skin it’s definitely worth it.

2. Every other day: Soak and scrub in soapy water

If you don’t have the discipline to wash your sponge every single day, use a deep-cleansing technique to break down foundation and dirt build-up every few days. Make yourself a soapy solution — with baby soap and warm water — and immerse your Beauty Blender within, squeezing out any leftover product. Once it looks brand new, rinse it thoroughly and leave it out to dry.

3. Every week: Have an arsenal of Beauty Blenders

For those who are very lazy and have money to spare, try this nifty trick instead. Buy enough sponges to last a week (so, seven of them), so that you can switch out your Beauty Blenders every day. At the end of the week, put all your dirty sponges in a net lingerie bag and stick them into the washing machine with a mix of the BlenderCleanser and a gentle laundry detergent for a deep cleanse. Try to avoid putting any laundry with zippers or hooks that will snag your Beauty Blender together in the washing machine.

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