3 Beauty Problems Caused By Your Phone

Stop sabotaging your skin every day!


Most of us will laughingly admit that we would freak out if we every lost or forgot to bring our smartphones wherever we go. But staying away from the device might just be better for you. 

Here's how your phone could be screwing up your skin.

#1. Bending over your smartphone.
The problem: When you bend over your phone to read texts, check email or scroll through Instagram and Facebook, your neck is actually in a slackened position. What's more, the skin is also pressed together and subject to "folding". This causes horrible turkey neck in the long-run — droopy jowls and a lined, wrinkle neck.
Fix it: Raise your phone when you're using it. This will also help tone up arms if you do it constantly.

#2. Chatting on your phone with the screen pressed on the side of your face.
The problem: Touch-screen tech is amazingly handy and is used by just about every smartphone these days. The problem is that our fingers are often germ-filled and super dirty from touching just about everything and when we use our phones, these get transferred to the touch-screen, and subsequently to our faces causing breakouts.
Fix it: Use anti-bacterial wipes to clean your phone daily. And for your face, cleanse well at the end of the day, plus swipe the affected area with a toner that has astringent or salicylic acid to keep skin clear.

#3. Squinting as you read texts on your phone.
The problem: Squinting messes with the delicate skin around your eyes big time. This causes crow's feet and frown lines to form much quicker. 
Fix it: It's time to increase the font size on your phone. Better having grandma font size rather than grandma-looking skin, I'd say.

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