12 Hand Creams For The Softest, Smoothest Hands

Psst - they’ll give you healthier nails too


All that handshaking over the Lunar New Year just made me realise one thing - that I haven’t been taking care of my hands.

They’ve been overworked (thanks to the daily grind of having to do just about everything, from looking after my son to pounding my keyboard) and severely underpaid (the occasional manicure and hand-pampering session is nowhere near enough!).

And it shows: The skin of my hands is embarrassingly rough and dry, and even my nails look lacklustre.

If yours feels the same way too, it’s time for some serious (and consistent) hand care. Thankfully, that doesn’t have to take up too much effort. Just pick one of these lightweight and nutrient-packed hand creams and apply them throughout the day. Your hands will be noticeably smoother and softer, and your nails healthier and more hydrated. Bonus: These babies smell wonderful too.

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