Vacay Like A Supermodel

Feiyue’s Summer Guide spills on the cities to be seen in and the no-reservations restos to hit up

Just call it a shoe-in for one of the cutest travel projects ever. Paris-based sneaker brand Feiyue has teamed up with a hip squad of models and fashion bloggers to produce its very first Summer Guide. In it, Jessica Hart, Alexandra Richards, Christina Caradona and other fashion influencers share the cities that sweep them off their feet, their fave places to kick their sneaks up, which walk-in restaurants to go to and more.

“Feiyue is about an attitude and a vision of life. It’s about exploration and the desire to experience all aspects of life by taking the next step to fly forward,” said Patrice Bastian, co-founder and creative director of the brand. “When I see these girls and their attitude, inspiration and passion for life but also for exploration and travels, it make sense to Feiyue. It is a perfect match. This is the Feiyue life. The inspiration behind this project is to show a part of Feiyue’s values and DNA through travel and exploration.”

Discover the Summer Guide here.