How To Kill Bugs With Minimal Stress

These household items will make eliminating gross insects much less traumatic

When faced with a roach that’s flying about in the house, our first instinct is to shriek and run for cover, before mustering the courage to attack it with a can of Baygon and roll of newpapers.

It’s an effective method, but there’s a problem. No one wants to clean up the slimy mess that’s left after we’re done flattening the pest.

Could there be a more efficient way to go about this? The Internet says yes, and we’ve gathered from it some unusual pest-killing methods that are more “natural” and much less violent, because even roaches deserve a little humanity.

1. Hairspray

It’s sticky, and therefore renders the wings of roaches and other bugs unusable, and also suffocates them by sealing breathing orifices located on their bodies. What’s more, hairspray is one thing most people already have in their homes. Be careful when using hairspray as a mode of attack though, as it’s flammable and shouldn’t be used near an open flame.

2. Soap

Make your own natural pesticide by mixing up a solution of water and dishwashing detergent in a spray bottle — two pumps of detergent in a bottle full of water should do the trick nicely. This suffocates bugs in the same way described above, but beware — some may actually survive it but will be knocked out momentarily regardless.

3. Listerine

Here’s a fresher alternative to hairspray and soap water. Mix equal parts of Listerine and water together in a spray bottle and, what the heck, let’s throw in a couple drops of dishwashing detergent for maximum effect. Some even swear by the mosquito-repelling effects of this mixture. 

4. Petroleum jelly

Find an empty jar and put petroleum jelly on the inner surface of the glass. Place peels of fruit that are strongly scented, such as banana, apple or mango, inside the jar and keep it in the area where roaches are seen. The peels will lure them into the jar, but the petroleum jelly on the inside will prevent them from escaping. When you find them trapped in the jar, throw on the lid and discard the entire thing while trying your best not to scream. 

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