12 Struggles Every Instagram Addict Can Relate To

Anything for that double tap  

Remember the time I came clean about my little Snapchat addiction?   Well today, I think it’s time I finally address the big one, the root of all my problems: Instagram.

Where do I even begin?  There’s just something about fitting my life into those little perfect squares that really gets me. Not to mention the joys of a new follower (even if it’s a random middle-aged man from Mexico) and the satisfaction of putting together a feed that’s aesthetically pleasing (even if it’s just for my 15 followers).

But of course, with every high there is a low, and with every good, a bad. So although Instagram seems a godsend to any sound millennial, there are these teeny weeny things about it that, quite frankly, get on my nerves. And I’ve generously rounded up a few for you because, as they say, misery loves company. 


You're in a cute outfit but no one is around to help you with your #ootd, so you settle for a selfie instead...


When you’re at a café and whomever you’re with touches the food when it arrives – before you can commence your photo-taking session. UNBELIEVABLE.


Keeping up with the all the crazy trends (remember the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge?) can get a little overwhelming. And feel a little like this:


You can’t stop compulsively checking your feed. What's everyone having for brunch? Who are they with? How’s their dog doing? You.just.gotta.know.


You like someone’s picture from 52 weeks ago while on a stalking spree. Yep, we all have those moments. P.S. Shoutout to the time my mom tried “zooming in” on a picture of the cute guy from school.


You count down every second of every minute for the first 5 minutes after posting a photo to see if it’s met your ideal like-per-minute ratio.


If it hasn’t, you call in reinforcements. And by that I mean texting a couple of your friends - “I can’t explain it, I’ve just got to reach 20 so help me out okaaay?”  


When you realise you’ve lost a follower and don’t know what it is you did to make them leave.


Those few seconds of intense panic when you accidentally post a photo before you apply one of your “signature filters” and have to take it down before anyone sees it. Or worse, likes it.


#When #people #overuse #hashtags


Time and time again your friends have tried to hold an insta-vention but it hasn't worked, obviously.



Because it just goes against every bone in your body not to say no to the perfect selfie lighting. Why doesn't everyone get that?

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