Being Ben & Narelle: Part 4

What do the Khengs get up to during their downtime? Sneak a peek in this week-long series

She can sing, dance, swim competitively…and now it’s clear she can paint too. Is there anything Narelle can’t do? We’re totes JLZ. P.S. Ben fans: Here’s a tip as to what you should never give him as gifts.


“My first painting class! Moved up from kindergarten finger painting to learning actual painting techniques. From L-R: Glazing on wet, blending, pointillism, impasto. I feel like such an artist *grinz* 

My work table and paper were hands down the dirtiest and messiest in the class and I’m covered in paint but what’s new?”


“Tucking into a big weakness of mine – Korean BBQ, down at I’m Kim Korean BBQ. I could fall asleep in a bed of wagyu beef and kim chee. 

Fun fact: I have an absurb phobia of fish and seafood, especially when it’s not in fillet form and staring up at me from the plate. But I make exceptions for a good BBQ-ed squid.”

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