5 Legit Ways You Can Make Money Online

These will grow your bank account balance, for reals

One of the best things about the digital age is how it has created limitless opportunities for us to make some spare cash. Besides selling goods or old stuff on Carousell or eBay, some people have actually found other ways to make a living off the Internet.   

We won't recommend that you quit your day job, but if you should be interested in supplementing your income with some online gigs, check out these methods that are popular and scam-free.

1. Sell your photos

You’ve put down good money for that DSLR, why not use it to generate some income? If you’ve got wicked photography and editing skills, there are stock photography sites that could be interested in purchasing your works. Try iStock Photo, Alamy and Shutterstock for a start.

2. Review music online

Yes, you can get paid just for listening to new music, which is something you already are doing all the time. Check out Slice the Pie, MusicXray and Hit Predictor (VPN may be required for some of these), which pay for such services for various marketing purposes. It won’t get money rolling in by the hundreds, but if it can pay for your daily Starbucks cuppa, there's nothing to lose in signing up for one or all of these.

3. Write listicles

Think you can put together a mean listicle? You can earn some money via this skill. Listverse and A List Apart are two websites that you can submit your pieces to for consideration, and will pay out around $100 to $200 for each accepted list. Note that you've actually got to have some decent writing capabilities, and even then, the chances of your listicles getting accepted may vary.

4. Connect to freelancing networks

Fiverr and Upwork are two sites to trawl for freelance gigs. From design and translation to video and web programming work, the chances are high that you’ll find something to suit your skills. User ratings and feedback will help you decide who you would like to work for, while 24/7 customer service helps ensure reliability.

5. Become a YouTuber

Posting videos on YouTube can make you a ton of money via advertising income, provided you hit on the right subject and are confident about your on-screen likeability. PewDiePie, who got famous and crazy-rich playing video games on YouTube, made US$12 million in 2015, while Michelle Phan, the original YouTube beauty guru, pulled in a cool $3 million.

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