15 Handy Things A Hairdryer Can Do

None of them involves your tresses

Your hairdryer is an appliance of wonder — besides taming your mane, did you know that it can also tackle just about every household issue? Below are but a few of the tricks that can be accomplished with a few blasts of hot/cold air, all guaranteed to make life easier for you.

1. Break in new leather shoes

Blow-dry the tight parts for a minute or two, then wear the shoes and walk around in them until they are cool. This will loosen up the leather. Do not use this trick on PVC shoes unless you want a melted mess on your hands.

2. Adjust your spectacle frames

You’ve seen the optician do this — blow hot air on the arms of spectacle frames and then bend them to fit. Remember to go slow and be gentle when trying this. 

3. Remove sticker labels

Adhesive labels are infuriatingly difficult to remove — but no longer so with the aid of a hairdryer. Blast it with hot air for half a minute and you can then easily peel it off. 

4. Remove Band-Aids

No more fearing the rip-off — the same tip described above can remove plasters with less tugging around the wound.

5. Remove gum

Heat softens chewing gum so you can extricate it from whatever it is stuck to.

6. Inflate inflatables

Can’t find the air pump in your storeroom? Try using the hairdryer (on the cool setting, please) to get that air mattress plump and bouncy.

7. Give your lashes a lasting curl

Sometimes, a curler just ain’t enough. This old beauty trick works like a charm — blast your metal lash curler with hot air for a few secs, and then use it as you normally would. (Advisory: Be extra careful when crimping your lashes or you might burn your lids!) 

8. Thaw ice cream

Forgot to take the Ben & Jerry’s out of the fridge ahead of dessert time? Speed up the thawing process with your trusty dryer.

9. Speed-dry wet socks

Thick socks take an inordinately long time to air-dry — zap the wetness in a jiffy by blowing them with hot air. 

10. Get wrinkles out of clothes

An especially useful tip for travellers. Sprinkle the offensive area with some water and dry with hot air.

11. Speed-dry your makeup brushes

Refer to point no. 9, but use cool air so as not to damage the bristles.  

12. Remove spilled powder

How do you remove powder makeup that accidentally made its way onto a black top? Blow it off with your hairdryer instead of rubbing it off and leaving a smear on your clothes.

13. Clean your computer keyboard

A strong blast of air will get the dust and crumbs out of those nook and crannies quite thoroughly. Just don’t breathe while doing this. 

14. Remove water rings on wood furniture

Someone forgot to use a coaster and that water mark is bugging the hell out of you. Whip out the hairdryer and blast the moisture out of the wood. 

15. Remove dents on your car

Want proof? Check out this video

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