This Iconic Bikini Can Buy You A Car

And it's not even made of real gold

Remember the slinky "slave" costume Princess Leia wore in the 1983 Star Wars sequel, The Return of The Jedi? Well, it has been sold for a whooping US$96,000 (S$135,325) at a Profiles In History auction.

The anonymous winner also received a collar, chain links, and a letter of authenticity from the Star Wars designer, Richard Miller. 

That aside, you'd expect something of high quality with such a hefty price tag, but according to the auction listing, the bikini is made of "flexible, gold-painted red dense-urethane rubber". 

While fans may have loved the two-piece for decades, Carrie Fisher, who played Princess Leia, wasn't such a fan as she described it as "what supermodels will eventually wear in the seventh ring of hell."

For those of us who'd also like a piece of that history, but don't have that sort of money, can possibly rent from a costume store like Rachel from Friends.

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