Chanel’s New Talismans Will Have You Spellbound

Forget the red underwear — these are way classier lucky charms

Coco Chanel was highly superstitious and surrounded herself with many lucky charms, including the number 5 and lion motifs (she was born under the sign of Leo).

We can’t help but be reminded of her love for symbols of luck and good fortune in Chanel's new 50-piece Les Talismans fine jewellery collection. This time, the four-leaf clover, one of the designer’s favourites, takes shape in a quatrefoil design that recalls clover leaves and flowers in bloom.

Besides diamonds, the range also incorporates Japanese cultured pearls, sapphires, multi-coloured lacquer and enamel. There are also unique one-off pieces, including the “Envoûtante” necklace and earrings, “Attirante” brooch and “Particulière” necklace.

As with all lucky charms, these sparkling symbols have us spellbound.